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Do you need a cure for the winter blahs? Do you love disc golf? Then you need to come out to Kaposia Park in South St. Paul and check out the biggest and the bestest winter disc golf league in Minnesota, the Chilly Dog Winter League. It'll give you fast temporary relief from the minor aches and pains due to the winter cold.

The Chilly Dog Winter League was started in the mid-nineties as the Kaposia Winter League by Minnesota Frisbee Association member, Tim Scanlon. From the gift of his tireless efforts and those of the volunteers that have followed, it has blossomed into the extremely popular sub-freezing-temperature disc golf league it is today.

Hope to seeya in the links,

Matt Koerner
Lead Dog


All photos courtesy of Brian Donahue,
Rich Hart, Matt Koerner, and Gary Vice.

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November 19, 2013 - Schedule is posted.

More soon,

Joe Bob
Stray Dog

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