From League Directors Matt & Timmy
The Sundog Tournament Series summer disc golf league was started in 1993 by Minnesota Frisbee Association member and volunteer extraordinaire, Greg Rife. Through his welcoming personality, positive attitude, and tireless efforts - and those of the volunteers that have followed - this unique disc golf series has developed into what is arguably the largest and most enjoyable league in the world today.

Last season was great! More than $15,000 in cash and prizes was paid out to over 70% of all Sundog contestants, over $2500 was paid out in ace pools to 19 lucky/skillful winners, and the league raised over $2000 for the Minnesota Majestic PDGA SuperTour event. Incredibly, the series averaged more than 130 players weekly, and saw over 450 different competitors come out to play. And again, as always, the series finals and the awards party at Kaposia were the height of the season. Another record-breaking year, it's gonna be hard to beat!

The 2012 season is already shaping up to be great! New and more players are showing up every week, we're bringing in new courses to the Sundog rotation, and we have exclusive use of several courses. And while we always provide instant round ratings, instant weekly and seasonal stats, and online access to your own personal statistics, we're always trying to improve on our reporting. To that end we intend to change the points system this year to be more fair.

You do not want to miss out on this summer-long event, and by event we mean this is not your average weekly league. The Sundog Tournament Series is for the competitive disc golfer looking to improve their weekend tournament game and get those crush-your-friends results. But it is also known for good times and great people, so come on out and join us for some of the most enjoyable and diverse disc golf competition in Minnesota. Seeya on (in) the links!



The Sundog Tournament Series: What’s Good About Having it at Your Disc Golf Course?

What it is: The Sundog Tournament Series (STS) is a singles-format, tournament-style, Tuesday evening, summer disc golf league that rotates between 12 to 15 courses throughout the greater Twin Cities metro area each year. The STS features various levels of competition with two professional and four amateur divisions, and weekly registration is open to anyone at any time during its 22-week summer season.

How STS league play can benefit your course: Disc golf is a game that demands high standards of rules, etiquette, and courtesy. Among the basic elements of these standards are concern for spectators and safety, and respect for plants and wildlife on the course. The STS has strict rules in place regarding vandalism, littering, and bad or illegal behavior. Most STS league players are etiquette-savvy, familiar with organized competitions, and possess a strong self-policing ethic. Some of the things you can be sure of when the Sundog Tournament Series is at your course:

• STS players do not litter; many, in fact, will clean up as they play, and educate others about keeping courses and parks clean. STS policy regarding trash is “pack it in, pack it out”.
• STS players police and report course vandalism, a concern for all disc golf course operators.
• STS players monitor and report bad or illegal behavior on and around the course and parking areas.
• With a weekly average of 130 players - many of them using local services - the STS can have a real impact on small business economies.
• League play teaches newer players to be better stewards of the game, and the courses upon which it is played.
• League play can reduce serious crime in your park through increased traffic. There are many examples of this.
• STS league provides a way for newer disc golfers at their respective home course to see or try “entry level” tournament disc golf.
• STS league brings people from all over the region to your city, many of whom will return again and again to enjoy what your area has to offer.
• STS carries its own liability insurance, and all course operators are additional insured.


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